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Arrangements for face to face meetings

Where the meetings will be held

Face to face public meetings are being held in Old Town Hall Building at the Civic Centre and currently most meetings are being held in The Salford Suite, the Council Chamber and in the next couple of months the committee rooms will re-open.

The venue for each meeting is shown on the agenda for each meeting

A guidance document has been produced Face to face public meetings at Salford Civic Centre and attendees are asked to read the document before attending any public meetings.

In this section you can access a wide range of information and documents relating to the council’s decision making processes, find out about forthcoming Council meetings and decisions and obtain details for your local political representatives.

Calendar of Meetings

Dates of all upcoming council meetings.

Forward Plan
Details of the forward plan published by the council, which lists the key-decisions that are planned to be made over the next three months.

Decisions by Cabinet, committees, etc or Officer Decisions
Search for past decisions taken either by the council’s decision making bodies (such as Cabinet) or by council officers.

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Use keywords to search for documents relating to any particular issue you may be interested in.

Use the below links to access agendas and minutes of previous meetings for particular committees, as well as officer reports that were discussed: