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Return of Face to Face Formal Council Meetings pdf icon PDF 292 KB

Please see the attached guidance documents on the arrangements for the return to face to face meetings. This guidance includes information about the venue, the control measures in place, COVID-19 lateral flow tests and travel options.


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Installation of Ceremonial Mayor for the Municipal Year 2021/22

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9.35 AM

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Installation of Deputy Ceremonial Mayor of the City of Salford for the Municipal Year 2021/22

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Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.

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Apologies for absence

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Declaration of Interests

(Members must indicate which specific agenda item any declaration relates to.)


Disclosure by Members of “Disclosable Pecuniary Interests” (as defined by The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012), and Members’ “Personal Interests” in accordance with paragraph 12.1 of Salford City Council’s Code of Conduct for Members.  


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Minutes of meeting held on 17 March 2021 pdf icon PDF 262 KB

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10:00 AM

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Receipt of Petitions/Communications

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Notification/Appointment of Cabinet 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 256 KB

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Membership of Committees and Panels Including the Appointment of Chairs and Deputy Chairs for Municipal Year 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 327 KB

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Appointment of Representatives to Outside Bodies 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 313 KB

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Results of Salford Local and Mayoral Elections - 6 May 2021 pdf icon PDF 309 KB

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Dates of Future Meetings

·         21 July 2021

·         15 September 2021

·         17 November 2021

·         19 January 2022

·         23 February 2022

·         16 March 2022

·         18 May 2022


Council Member Policy Forums will also be held on 16 June and 15 December 2021


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Appointment of Independent Remuneration Panel pdf icon PDF 283 KB

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Notice of Motion

Parental Leave Policy


To be moved by Councillor Sharmina August and seconded by Councillor Barbara Bentham


This Council notes:

·         That analysis of the 2019 Local Election results by the Fawcett Society found that only 35% of councillors in England are women, up 1% since 2018. Of the seats that were up for election in 2018, 38% went to women, up just 3 percentage points on 2014 when these seats were last contested;


·         That across England, following the most recent set of local elections in 2019, the number of Labour councillors who are women still stands at 45%, the same as after the 2018 elections;


·         As of October 2020, only 28 out of 121 Labour councils and only 31 out of 143 opposition Labour Groups are led by women;


·         As of October 2020, 27 councils have passed the Local Government Association (LGA) Labour Group’s Parental Leave policy, and an additional 9 councils have their own parental leave policy in place. Almost 40 Labour Groups have passed the Labour Group parental leave policy;


·         That the equalities section of the Labour Party Democracy Review mandates all Labour councils and Labour groups to introduce a parental leave policy for to cover their group and their council as applicable;


·         That the role of a councillor should be open to all, regardless of their background, and that introducing a parental leave policy is a step towards encouraging a wider range of people to become councillors, and is also a step to encourage existing councillors who may want to start a family to remain as councillors;


·         That parental leave must apply to parents regardless of their gender, and that it should also cover adoption leave to support those parents who choose to adopt.


This Council resolves:


·         To adopt the parental leave policy drafted by the LGA Labour Group’s Women’s Taskforce to give all councillors an entitlement to parental leave after giving birth or adopting;


·         To ensure that councillors with children and other caring commitments are supported as appropriate;


·         To notify the LGA Labour Group that this council has passed a motion at full council to adopt the parental leave policy.




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10:50 AM

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Notice of Motion

Local Government Pay: A Fully Funded, Proper Pay Rise for Council and School Workers


To be moved by Councillor Bill Hinds and seconded by Councillor Barbara Bentham.


This Council notes:


Local government has endured central government funding cuts of more than 50% since 2010.


Between 2010 and 2020, councils lost 60p out of every £1 they have received from central government.


Over the last year, councils have led the way in efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic, providing a huge range of services and support for our communities. Local government has shown more than ever how indispensable it is. But the pandemic has led to a massive increase in expenditure and loss of income, and the Government has failed to provide the full amount of promised support.


Local government workers have kept our communities safe through the pandemic, often putting themselves at considerable risk as they work to protect public health, provide quality housing, ensure our children continue to be educated, and look after older and vulnerable people.


Since 2010, the local government workforce has endured years of pay restraint with the majority of pay points losing at least 23 per cent of their value since 2009/10.


At the same time, workers have experienced ever-increasing workloads and persistent job insecurity. Across the UK, 900,000 jobs have been lost in local government since June 2010 – a reduction of more than 30 per cent. Local government has arguably been hit by more severe job losses than any other part of the public sector. The funding gap caused by Covid-19 will make local government employment even more precarious.


There has been a disproportionate impact on women, with women making up more than three-quarters of the local government workforce.


Recent research shows that if the Government were to fully fund the unions’ 2021 pay claim, around half of the money would be recouped thanks to increased tax revenue, reduced expenditure on benefits, and increased consumer spending in the local economy.


This Council believes:


Our workers are public service super-heroes. They keep our communities clean and safe, look after those in need and keep our towns and cities running.


Without the professionalism and dedication of our staff, the council services our residents rely on would not be deliverable – but local government simply cannot afford to fund the pay increase without additional financial support.


Local government workers deserve a proper real-terms pay increase. The Government needs to take responsibility and fully fund this increase; it should not put the burden on local authorities whose funding been cut to the bone and who have not been offered adequate support through the Covid-19 pandemic.


This Council resolves to:


Support the pay claim submitted by UNISON, GMB and Unite on behalf of council and school workers, for a substantial increase with a minimum 10 per cent uplift in April 2021.


Call on the Local Government Association to make urgent representations to central government to fully fund the NJC pay claim


Write to the Chancellor and Secretary of State  ...  view the full agenda text for item 15.

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11:30 AM

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Statement of the Elected City Mayor

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Please note in relation to item 17 below, it is requested that, wherever possible, any questions are submitted in writing and e-mailed to the Democratic Services Section at decisionmakingandscrutiny@salford.gov.uk

by no later than 48 hours before the meeting (i.e. by 9.30 am on Monday, 17 May 2021).


12:00 NOON

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General Questions or Comments to the Elected City Mayor

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Scheduled Reports from Outside Body Board Members pdf icon PDF 236 KB

The following reports are submitted for information with the intention they be noted. Members who have any questions, or require further information on the contents of these reports, are in the first instance advised to contact the representatives respectively indicated:


·         Windsor and Albion Co-operative (Cllr Gina Reynolds)

·         ForHousing Board (Cllrs Dawson and Bellamy))



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