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Contact: Mike Relph, Senior Democratic Services Advisor 


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Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.

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Apologies for absence

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Declaration of Interests

Disclosure by Members of “Disclosable Pecuniary Interests” (as defined by The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012), and Members’ “Personal Interests” in accordance with paragraph 12.1 of Salford City Council’s Code of Conduct for Members.  


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Receipt of Petitions/Communications

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Membership of Committees and Panels 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 62 KB

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Notice of Motions

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Planning for the Future White Paper

To be moved by the City Mayor and seconded by Councillor Derek Antrobus:


This Council notes that:

·         the latest published figure for unbuilt dwellings with planning permission in Salford was 20,512 dwellings;

·         the delivery of significantly more dwellings in each of the last four years in Salford than the target - 3,344 in last published data, 92% of which are on brownfield sites;

·         the conscientious approach to ensuring future housing land supply through the local plan process.

·         the securing of £26.2 million in the last 10 years since 2010/11 through s106 agreements to invest in making development more acceptable.  In the last four years from April 2016/17,significantly £18.7 million has been secured.

·         the delivery of 2,028 affordable homes using the governments definition of affordable housing for the period 2011-12 to 2017-18.  Adding in affordable completions for 2018/19 gives delivery of 2,252 affordable homes in Salford for the period 2011-12 to 2018-19.   Delivery for 2011-19 across Greater Manchester has been 13,054  - Salford has therefore delivered 17% of the Greater Manchester total in 2011-12 to 2018-19 and the second highest in the conurbation. Delivery of affordable housing from April 2016 to the end of March 2019 has been 942 dwellings in Salford.


This Council recognises that:

·         the underlying assumption of the Government White Paper Planning for the Future is the housing shortage is due to the failure of the planning system is demonstrably wrong;

·         the White Paper’s ‘zoning, proposals will remove power from communities and local people to influence individual developments;

·         the White Paper’s proposal to introduce a national Infrastructure Levy will benefit wealthier parts of the country and remove the link between a development and the necessary physical and social infrastructure that mitigates its impact(s);

·         the White Paper is silent on how it will tackle the current viability system, which often allows developers to negotiate away their commitments to affordable housing;

·         the White Paper seemingly offers nothing to mandate that affordable housing should be a non-negotiable requirement that impacts how land is valued and sold, favouring that the national infrastructure levy on developers be discounted if affordable homes are delivered.  


Therefore, this Council calls on the Government to:

·         withdraw the undemocratic proposals which remove citizens’ rights to influence individual developments;

·         address the market failure in housing through a sustained programme of significant public investment in affordable social-rented homes;

·         ensure that landowners and developers are no longer able to avoid obligations by limiting the uplift in value that goes to private profit rather than public benefit.



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Statement of the Elected City Mayor

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Please note in relation to items 12, 13, 14 and 15 below, it is requested that, wherever possible, any questions are submitted in writing and e-mailed to the Democratic Services Section at decisionmakingandscrutiny@salford.gov.uk

by no later than 48 hours before the meeting (i.e. by 9.30 am on Monday, 14 September 2020).



General Questions or Comments to the Elected City Mayor

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11.05 am INTERVAL

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General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios

·         Cllr Tracy Kelly - Statutory Deputy City Mayor and Lead Member for Housing

·         Cllr John Merry - Deputy City Mayor and Children’s

and Young People’s Services

·         Cllr Paula Boshell - Lead Member for Anti-Poverty, Neighbourhoods, Financial Inclusion and Equalities

·         Cllr Bill Hinds - Lead Member for Finance and Support Services (including Workforce and Industrial Relations)

·         Cllr David Lancaster - Lead Member for Environment

            and Community Safety

·         Cllr Derek Antrobus - Lead Member for Planning

            and Sustainable Development

·         Cllr Gina Reynolds - Lead Member for Adult Services,

Health and Wellbeing



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11.45 am

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General Questions or Comments to Chairs of Scrutiny Panels

·         Cllr David Jolley - Overview and Scrutiny Board

·         Cllr Adrian Brocklehurst - Children’s Scrutiny Panel

·         Cllr Tanya Burch - Community and Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Panel

·         Cllr Margaret Morris - Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel

·         Cllr Robert Sharpe - Growth and Prosperity Scrutiny Panel


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12 noon

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General Questions or Comments on the discharge of functions of Joint Authorities and Outside Bodies

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Scheduled Reports from Board Members pdf icon PDF 130 KB

The following reports are submitted for information with the intention they be noted. Members who have any questions, or require further information on the contents of these reports, are in the first instance advised to contact the representatives respectively indicated:-


·         Manchester Port Health Authority (Councillors Nkurunziza, Brocklehurst, Ryan and Burch)

·         North West Employers Organisation (Councillor Bentham)

·         Salfordian Trust (Councillors Collinson and Hinds)



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