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Contact: Mike Relph, Senior Democratic Services Advisor 


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Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.

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Declaration of Interests

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Disclosure by Members of “Disclosable Pecuniary Interests” (as defined by The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012), and Members’ “Personal Interests” in accordance with paragraph 12.1 of Salford City Council’s Code of Conduct for Members.  


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Minutes of meetings (i) Ordinary 20 July 2022 and (ii) Extraordinary 19 September 2022 pdf icon PDF 254 KB

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Public Questions

a. From Lisa Burtonwood - a front line Salford care worker


“Does this council remain committed to working with trade unions like UNISON to deliver on the City Mayor’s pledge of an insourcing commission to consider insourcing services when contracts expire, including in social care, and if so, will the council ensure that UNISON receives a timetable of contract renewal dates to ensure we can properly participate in the commission?”


b. From Sharon Clayton - a front line Salford care worker


“At the 2021 local elections, the majority of councillors in this chamber were elected after signing up to six social care pledges produced by UNISON. Those were the Foundation Living Wage for all Salford care workers, holiday pay based on normal wages, sleep-in pay at the Foundation Living Wage rate, occupational sick pay for all care workers, publicly delivered social care and a strong voice for workers, those in receipt of care and their loved ones. While we have seen progress on some of these pledges, we are yet to see requirements that care providers should ensure care workers receive occupational sick pay when we are off work ill and it does not seem that children’s social care providers are under the same requirement to pay sleep-in rates at the Living Wage, as adult care providers. Does the council intend to deliver on the pledges and deal with these issues?”


c. From Brenda Rushworth - a front line Salford care worker


“Whilst not close to what we deserve, the Foundation Living Wage being paid to all Care Workers in Salford has been a vital lifeline for us. For many of us it has been difference between making ends meet or having to leave a sector which we love. Not only that, a pay rise, albeit small, goes some way to making us feel valued for the work we do. Now more than ever it is crucial that our pay continues to rise with cost of living, and yet every year we have to fight tooth and nail to get our pay rise passed on to us. Every year, many of our employers try to avoid increasing our pay in line with the Foundation Living Wage. This won’t stop until the council give them no choice and write the payment of Foundation Living Wage into all Social Care Contracts. Will you commit to making the Foundation Living Wage a requirement in all future Social Care Contracts that the Council commission?”

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10:10 am

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Receipt of Petitions/Communications

When submitting petitions, elected members are requested to provide contact details (preferably including an email address) for the lead petitioner to which correspondence can be sent.


Petitions should also clearly state what issues they concern and any potential outcomes and actions which are sought.


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Membership of Panels/Committees and Appointments to Outside Bodies 2022/23 - Amendments pdf icon PDF 12 KB

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Treasury Management Annual Report 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 427 KB

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10.30 am

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Notice of Motion

Declaration of a Biodiversity Emergency


To be moved by Councillor Mike McCusker and seconded by Councillor Nathaniel Tetteh.


Salford City Council resolves:


1. That the findings of the Global Biodiversity Outlook, produced by the Convention on Biological Diversity, be noted, in particular:

·         That biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate, and the pressures driving this decline are intensifying.

·         None of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets will be fully met, in turn threatening the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and undermining efforts to address climate change.

·         The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of the relationship between people and nature, and it reminds us all of the profound consequences to our own well-being and survival that can result from continued biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystems.

·         Reports provided by the world’s governments, as well as other sources of evidence, reveal examples of progress which, if scaled up, could support the transformative changes necessary to achieve the 2050 vision of living in harmony with nature.


2. That the Salford City Council believes that:

·         The impacts of the continued decline in biodiversity were so severe that Governments at all levels must work together and make this a top priority.

·         As well as improvements in the innate value people place on biodiversity, tackling the decline in biodiversity can deliver wider benefits for the environment, economy and society and that embedding a Natural Capital Approach was essential to realising these.


3. That Salford City Council declare a ‘biodiversity emergency’ alongside the climate emergency to support the delivery of the GM 5 Year Environment Plan.


4. That the existing Climate Action Board:

·         Monitor progress of indicators of key species diversity and abundance in Salford.

·         Take a mission-based approach to reversing these declines as part of the 5 Year Environment and in line with the findings of the GM Local Nature Recovery Strategy pilot.

·         Consider systematically the biodiversity impact of each area of the Council’s activities.

·         Make recommendations and set an ambitious timescale for reducing these impacts in line with the tasks set out in the GM 5 Year Environment Plan.

·         Assess the feasibility of requiring all report risk and procurement assessments to include biodiversity or natural capital appraisals, including presenting alternative approaches which reduce the impact wherever possible.

·         Report to the Council every six months on progress and actions required to take to address this emergency and how it will continue to work with GM Districts to implement a Mission Based Approach.


5. That it be agreed to task a director level officer with responsibility for tackling the biodiversity impact of the Council’s activities.


6. That it be agreed to equip staff, particularly those involved with buildings, energy and transport management and procurement of goods and service, with an awareness of the biodiversity and natural capital costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce these.


7. That all organisations, businesses, and citizens can play their part in tackling the biodiversity emergency.


8. That it be agreed that the City  ...  view the full agenda text for item 9.

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Statement of the Elected City Mayor

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Please note in relation to items 12, 13, 14, and 15 below, it is requested that, wherever possible, any questions are submitted in writing and e-mailed to the Democratic Services Section at decisionmakingandscrutiny@salford.gov.uk

by no later than 48 hours before the meeting (i.e. by 9.30 am on Monday, 17 October 2022).


11.15 am

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General Questions or Comments to the Elected City Mayor

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11.40 am

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General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios

·         Cllr Tracy Kelly - Statutory Deputy City Mayor and Lead Member for Housing, Property and Regeneration 

·         Cllr John Merry - Deputy City Mayor, Lead Member for

Adult Social care

·         Cllr Sharmina August - Inclusive Economy, Anti-Poverty, and Equalities

·         Cllr Jim Cammell - Lead Member for Children’s and Young Peoples Services

·         Cllr Barbara Bentham - Lead Member for Environment, 

Neighbourhoods and Community Safety

·         Cllr Bill Hinds - Lead Member for Finance and Support Services

·         Cllr Mike McCusker - Lead Member for Planning

and Sustainable Development


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12.05 am

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General Questions or Comments to Chairs of Scrutiny Panels

·         Cllr John Mullen - Overview and Scrutiny Board

·         Cllr Adrian Brocklehurst - Children’s Scrutiny Panel

·         Cllr Stuart Dickman - Community and Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Panel

·         Cllr Margaret Morris - Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel

·         Cllr Robert Sharpe - Growth and Prosperity Scrutiny Panel


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12.15 pm

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General Questions or Comments on the discharge of functions of Joint Authorities and Outside Bodies

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12.25 pm

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Scheduled Reports from Board Members pdf icon PDF 2 MB

The following reports are submitted for information with the intention they be noted. Members who have any questions, or require further information on the contents of these reports, are in the first instance advised to contact the representatives respectively indicated:


·         The Lowry Centre Trust (City Mayor and Cllr Hinds)

·         Manchester Port Health Authority (Cllrs Brocklehurst, Burch, Nkurunziza, Syed)

·         North West Employers Organisation (Cllr Youd)

this report can be accessed via the following link:

NW Employers Annual Report 2021/22



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Notice of Motion

Late Night Trams and a Better Service


To be moved by Councillor Alex Warren and seconded by Councillor Chris Twells


This Council notes that:


·         Since Covid shuttered the world, our city has bounced back in a big way.  Gigs, restaurants, clubbing, and festivals have blossomed in the wake of the pandemic with millions flocking to Salford and Greater Manchester to pursue this entertainment.

·         If you are out working, or enjoying yourself late at night, residents face a curfew for the tram, expensive taxis, or a risky walk home in the dark.

·         Ella Watson, a local resident in London, successfully campaigned to get the night tube reinstated to increase women’s safety in the city.

·         The Night Tube is currently running on Friday and Saturday nights on the Central, Jubilee, Northern and Victoria lines.  When it's fully operational, the Night Tube runs on Fridays and Saturdays on the Victoria, Jubilee, and most of the Central, Northern and Piccadilly lines.

·         Since November 2021 the Night tube continues to be successful and has surpassed fears that it would have limited customers.  The service runs at an off peak cost.

·         Concerns that there won’t be enough passengers can be compared to the later running airport line which is much used as the “last tram” home for many. An expansion to service does not mean less use and many users use a day ticket which runs for the whole service.

·         A late-night level of access to Greater Manchester’s Tram services is the best transport option to ensure thousands of women across the region can get home safely in the evenings and at night.

·         Metrolink has seen a growth and return to pre-covid levels of service users on the tram network.

·         Millions enjoy and work as part of the City’s famous and vibrant night-time economy. Let’s provide a commuter service that extends beyond the 9 – 5 for our hospitality workers.

·         The population of Greater Manchester is projected to rapidly increase in the coming years as more and more people move to our city.  We must have the responsibility and foresight to put into practice safe and accessible public transport.


This Council resolves to:


·         Congratulate Ella Watson on her work to restore the Night tube and help pursue safe late-night travel for people in Greater London.

·         Ask Transport for Greater Manchester to run a 3 month trial of the night tram on the Eccles via Media City to Ashton-under-Lyne service, and to monitor it’s success.

·         Ask the Salford City Mayor to write to the Mayor of Greater Manchester for their support.                                              


Notes on other cities with night trams running until 2am or later:


London https://tfl.gov.uk/campaign/tube-improvements/what-we-are-doing/night-tube

Strasbourg https://www.cts-strasbourg.eu/en/getting-around/timetables/

Krakow https://www.introducingkrakow.com/tram

Berlin https://www.berlin.de/en/public-transportation/1859225-2913840-night-buses-public-transport-at-night.en.html

Paris https://www.ratp.fr/en/what-are-operating-hours-ratps-various-transport-modes

Madrid https://www.introducingmadrid.com/madrid-metro



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