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Venue: Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton

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Adult Social Care Funding - Public Interest Checklist pdf icon PDF 79 KB


Salford City Council - Record of Decision


I, Paul Dennett City Mayor in exercise of the powers contained within the City Council constitution do hereby:


1) Approve the Council contribution to the Adults and Older People’s Pooled Budget for 2017/18 at £74.433m


2) Authorise the Director of Finance and Corporate Business and Strategic Director of Children’s and Adult Services, in consultation to agree changes to the contribution where such change would have a neutral effect on the Council’s budget


The Reasons are:


Integrated health and social care in Salford is delivered via a Section 75 partnership agreement.


The previous City Mayor approved an integrated adults pooled budget in March 2016, succeeding and expanding on the former older peoples’ pooled budget. Cabinet also agreed a five year service and financial plan for health and social care in November 2016.


The revised, contribution for 2017/18, takes into account:


1)      Changes in government funding

2)      Changing forecasts, including inflation assumptions

3)      Adjustments to funding levels based on experience of 2016/17. The

  forecast outturn confirms a learning disabilities pressure of £2m which was

  first experienced in 2015/16 prior to transfer


The pooled budget is managed by the Integrated Adult Health and Care Commissioning Joint Committee (ICJC)and aims to:


·         encourage innovation, enable the partnership to commission services to meet the needs of service users, not constrained by funding or operational boundaries;

·         facilitate integrated decision making;

·         strengthen partnerships;

·         improve understanding of how the partners can integrate services to minimise duplication and achieve shared outcomes; and

·         facilitate the best service provision.

·         ensure the services commissioned provide value for money and maximise resource utilisation for all partners;

·         develop care pathways for service users with complex health and social care needs, supported by appropriate health, social care and housing services.

·         manage demand for hospital and residential care services and commission services in a community setting where this is appropriate through an integrated health and social care model; and

·         support personalisation, re-enablement and independence to where appropriate and

·         enable people to remain resilient, living independently within their community

Options considered and rejected were : N/A

Assessment of Risk .


The pooled budget is essential to the council from both service and financial perspectives.


The council delivers its full range of statutory adult social care functions via the pooled budget, and the arrangement allows the full integration of health and social care based around service user needs.


The adults pooled budget arrangement, and the preceding pooled budget for older people, have given the council access to the Better Care Fund monies managed by the CCG. The ability to plan and commission jointly, without constraint by operational boundaries, has allowed the council to achieve its substantial savings targets.


The source of funding is  Salford City Council and Salford Clinical Commissioning Group

Legal Advice obtained . Tony Hatton, Principal Solicitor, Manchester Shared Legal Service

Financial Advice obtained: Chris Hesketh, Strategic Finance Manager

Procurement Advice obtained N/A

The following documents have been used to assist the decision process.

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