{meta} Agenda for Licensing Panel (Premises) on Thursday, 4 August 2022, 2.00 pm

Agenda and decisions

Venue: Salford Suite, Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinto, M27 5DA

Contact: Christine Wood, Senior Democratic Services Advisor 

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Welcome and Introductions


Declarations of Interest


Licensing Act 2003 - Premiere One Stop Ltd

To hear an application for a new premises for the following premises:


Name of premises:            Premiere One Stop Ltd

Address of premises:        Kendal House, 11a/11b Fredrick Road, Salford, M6 6NZ






Premiere One Stop Shop Ltd, Kendal House, 11a/11b Frederick Road, Salford – New Premises Licence Application


In attendance: Cllr Warmisham, Objector 


Anthony Horne, Licensing Legal, Solicitor representing the Applicant / Premises Licence Holder


DPS – Muhammad Afzal

Ahsan Javaid





Grant the Application subject to the following: -


Opening Times


Sunday To Wednesday 07.00 to 23.00

Thursday to Saturday 07.00 to 02.00


Alcohol Sales


Sunday to Wednesday 07.00 to 23.00

Thursday to Saturday 07.00 to 02.00 


And subject to the conditions identified in the operating schedule, save for the condition (public safety): -


“All customers will be served through the window between the hours of 11pm to 5.00am everyday “     


is removed and replaced with: -


“All sales after 23:00 will be by way of a serving hatch, which is to be installed prior to the use of the Premises Licence.”




“There will be no access to members of the public from 23:00 until the close of business “










The Committee considered, both the written and oral representations made by the ward councillors who expressed concerns about the hours of opening applied for and potential for anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder occurring late at night with the sale of alcohol contributing to such problems.


Whilst the Committee was advised by the Applicant that additional staff would be employed after 11pm it still had some concerns about public nuisance occurring in the early hours and specifically during the week when residents were working.


Consequently, the Committee, in granting the licence, felt it was appropriate to restrict the hours of opening / sale of alcohol to 11pm Sunday to Wednesday and until 2am Thursday to Saturday.


In arriving at its decision, the Committee considered the licensing objectives, Licensing Act 2003, s182 guidance and Salford City Council’s Licensing Policy.










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