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Salford City Council - Record of Decision



I, Councillor Derek Antrobus, Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development, in exercise of the powers contained within the Council Constitution do hereby:


Approve the Revised Draft Local Plan and supporting documents, subject to the changes detailed in the attached document,for the purposes of public consultation from Friday 25 January 2019 to Friday 22 March 2019.


The Reasons are: to provide an opportunity for the community and other stakeholders to comment on the Revised Draft Local Plan and the associated consultation documents.


Options considered and rejected were: A number of sites were suggested through the previous stages of consultation for allocation or designation and alternative policy approaches were also suggested. The Revised Draft Local Plan identifies the approach that the city council intends to take, having had regard to the comments received during the previous stages of consultation, additional evidence that has been assembled, changes to national planning policy and work on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.


Assessment of Risk: Medium

In order for the city council to be able to adopt the Local Plan, the document must be found sound when an independent examination of the document is carried out. To be sound a Local Plan must be positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy, and the city council must be able to demonstrate the soundness of the document to a Planning Inspector on this basis. It is recognised that various policies and proposals in the Revised Draft Local Plan may be subject to significant challenge from those seeking higher or lower levels of development or different policy approaches, but the plan is considered to be sound. The Local Plan is being produced in parallel with the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and any changes to the timetable for producing the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework may necessitate changes to the Local Plan timetable for the remaining stages.


The source of funding is: The non-staff costs associated with the consultation are limited in scale (associated with the printing of the documents) and will be met from existing revenue budgets.


Legal Advice obtained: Yes, provided by Stephanie Hall, Senior Solicitor

The legislative requirements in the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 for the preparation of the local plan have been complied with.
The Council is required by Regulation 18 to notify various consultation bodies, the general public and local businesses of the proposed local plan and invite representations.  The Council must then take into account any representations received in preparing its local plan.    

If the proposed local plan is not prepared in accordance with Regulation 18, any subsequent attempt by the Council to adopt the plan would be susceptible to challenge.


Financial Advice: Yes, provided by Paul Hutchings, Strategic Finance Manager

At the present time there are no specific financial implications of the consultation of the draft Local Plan.  Any additional resource requirements resulting from the consultation will be subsumed within the existing resources of the team.

The implementation of the Local Plan itself will clearly have wide ranging direct and indirect financial implications including, but not restricted to, income generation, demands on services and economic growth within the city.  These financial implications will feed into future budget setting.



Procurement Advice: Not applicable

The following documents have been used to assist the decision process:


·                      Lead Member Report

·                      Revised Draft Local Plan

·                      Revised Draft Policies Map

·                      Sustainability Appraisal of the Revised Draft Local Plan

·                      Community Impact Assessment of the Revised Draft Local Plan

·                      Consultation Statement for the Revised Draft Local Plan

·                      Draft Statement of Common Ground

·                      Revised Draft Local Plan Residential Viability Assessment


Contact officers:

Claire Thorn Tel. No. 0161 793 2664

David Percival Tel. No. 0161 793 3656



This decision is not subject to consideration by another Lead Member.


The appropriate scrutiny panel to call-in the decision is the Growth and Prosperity Scrutiny Panel.




Signed: Councillor Antrobus                                             Dated: 15th January 2019

Lead Member for Planning & Sustainable Development





This decision was published on 15th January 2019.


This decision will come in force at 4.00 p.m. on 22nd January 2019, unless it is called-in in accordance with the Decision Making Process Rules.











Proposed changes to the Revised DraftLocal Plan following publication  




Proposed change

Paragraph 2.14 (requested by Cllr Antrobus)

Moved bottom two bullets to top


Amended climate change bullet to read: “Minimise contributions to climate change and adapt to its effects, including reducing the risk and impacts of flooding”


Chapter 9 Area policies (Fairness box) (requested by Cllr Antrobus)

Amend to read: “Ensuring that areas of major change develop in a way that mitigates the negative impacts borne by deprived communities, such as poor air quality, and positively enhances the environment.”


Chapter 12 Housing

Policy H9 introduction / justification

In the table below paragraph 12.32, change the local plan allocations H9/1 to H9/18 from 3,035 to 3,040. As a consequence change total supply from 40,300 to 40,305 dwellings.


Chapter 12 Housing

Policy H9/6 Land south west of Hilton Lane

(requested by Councillor Antrobus)

Suggested addition to 12.43 (underlined text):


It provides a natural extension to the Burgess Farm residential development just to its east. The site has been identified as it recognises the planning permissions granted (following appeal and decision by the Secretary of State) and implemented for the adjoining Burgess Farm site. A planning application for housing on the site has recently been submitted, and additional information received through this process will influence the final inclusion and/or wording of the allocation in the Local Plan.


Chapter 16


Policy A5


(to reflect the 2040 Strategy Draft Delivery Plan)

Add a new bullet point to the policy as follows:

e) The conversion of the rail line between Manchester and Warrington to tram-train use.


Chapter 16 Accessibility

Policy A12

Suggested addition to policy A12 (underlined text):

Barton Aerodrome will be protected and improved as a general aviation facility, in a way that maintains the amenity of the surrounding uses.


Development that would have an unacceptable impact on the operational integrity, safety or heritage value of the aerodrome will not be permitted.


Annex B – Town centre insets

Insert PDF plans into the document (instead of the current images) as these are better quality. They are saved at:


N:\Forward planning\Local planning\Local Plan\05 - Publication\Draft versions\Alterations to map and diagrams\Updated diagrams May 2018\Town centre maps


Revised draft local plan document


Add translation/preface page

Revised draft local plan document


Add header to pages: Revised Draft Local Plan January 2019

Statement of Common Ground (Salford Quays  Town Centre Section)


Take out reference to Salford Quays being identified as a main town centre in the GMSF as it no longer is.

Consultation Statement appendices

Page 381

In the table, one of the other significant changes to policy TC1 is identified as: ‘Salford Quays is identified as a main town centre.’ The reason given is ‘To align with the GMSF hierarchy of centres.’

The reason to be changed to ‘To reflect the scale of existing and proposed development in the area.’ 


Policies Map

Add the following policy references to the legend on the policies map):


Existing Green Belt (Revised Draft Local Plan policy GB1)

Wind turbine opportunity areas (Revised Draft Local Plan policy EG2)








Supporting documents: