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Salford City Council - Record of Decision


I, Councillor John Merry, Deputy City Mayor, in exercise of the powers contained within the City Council constitution do hereby:


1     Approve the disposal of the subject site in accordance with the approval granted when this matter was reported on the 22 November 2021, but now incorporating the amended terms and conditions as detailed in the Part 2 report submitted to the Property/Regeneration Briefing on 21 December 2021. The Council will still receive 47.06% of the sale proceeds as previously reported.


2     Approve that the Council enter into a legal agreement with Avonfield and or Pinebrook /MHE in connection with this approval.


3     Approve that the Council enter a Legal Charge with the Joint Developers in connection with this approval.


4     Approve that the Council enter into an option agreement for the acquisition of up to 20 3 bed semi-detached units within the development.


5     Authorise the Shared Legal Service to negotiate and prepare all necessary documentation and to take all steps which are required to give effect to the above recommendations.



The Reasons are to allow the disposal of the land and to allow its development.


Options considered and rejected:   n/a


Assessment of Risk:                                    Low


The source of funding is:                            n/a



Legal Advice obtained:                               Deborah Scott/Rebecca Maddison


Financial Advice obtained:                         Joanne Hardman


Procurement Advice obtained:                  Anthony Hilton


Climate Change Implications obtained:   Mike Hemingway



The following documents have been used to assist the decision process.

Public/briefing reports submitted to Property/Regen Briefings on 22 November and 21 December 2021

Contact Officer:  Peter Openshaw, Asst Director, Environment and Community Safety

Tel: 0161 793 3050

This decision is not subject to consideration by another Lead Member /Strategic Director

This decision is not subject to call-in and comes into immediate effect for which approval has been granted by the Councillor Gina Reynolds, Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee



Signed: Councillor John Merry                                                            

Deputy City Mayor

Dated: 21st December  2021                                                      



This decision was published on Tuesday 21 December 2021.                                             

This decision is not subject to call-in and comes into immediate effect in accordance with the decision-making Process Rules.












Executive Decision


Urgent Executive Decision


Request to a Scrutiny Chair that an Urgent Executive Decision be made without being published in the Forward Plan, and / or that the Executive Decision be exempt from Call-In for Scrutiny


Decision maker


City Mayor – Through Property and Regeneration Lead Member

Nature of the decision


Sale of land – Variation to a sale of Land at Brackley Golf Course as previously approved at Property and Regeneration Lead Member on 22nd November 2021

Non-confidential reports

Can be made available to the public

The sale has a Part 1 and Part 2 reports – The Part 1 report will be published

Confidential reports

Containing confidential or exempt information

See above the Part 2 will not be published

Reason for confidentiality


The Part 2 report contains private and confidential commercial information between the purchaser, the private vendor and other parties who were interested in purchasing the site

Intended date of decision


December 21st

Officer contact details

For any further information




Peter Openshaw



Has the decision been published in a Forward Plan?

This is not certain so we are taking the view that the answer is no and that this would be an urgent key decision not included in the Forward Plan that requires your consent .



Reasons for special urgency such that this cannot be published in a Forward Plan

We are looking to conclude the sale at the earliest opportunity and a sale would be substantially delayed if we had to include the sale on the forward plan again

Is exemption from call-in for scrutiny needed?

Yes – The parties involved in the sale are looking to conclude the sale before xmas and there is significant concern that if this is not achieved the sale will not proceed with consequential delays in securing a new purchaser and concluding the sale

In addition the City Council have had problems with a squatter within a property that forms part of the sale. Possession of the property has now been secured but the squatter continues to attempt to regain possession. This has necessitated the use of 24 hour security guards at considerable and ongoing cost. The council is keen to pass responsibility for this property to Bellway at the earliest opportunity which an early sale would achieve.

Advice as to how any delay will seriously prejudice the legal or financial position of the Council

Detailed in the parargraph above. Considerable short term costs are being accrued and delays with the overall sale would delay/reduce a significant capital receipt to the Council

Scrutiny Chair

Who has agreed the decision is reasonable and urgent


Cllr G Reynolds







Request prepared by:

Peter Openshaw AD Place Directorate 







Supporting documents: