{meta} Agenda item - Approval of Salford's annual housing strategy action plan: April 2022- March 2023

Agenda item

Report of the Statutory Deputy City Mayor: Lead Member for Housing.


Salford City Council - Record of Decision


I, Paul Dennett, City Mayor in consultation with Cabinet, in exercise of the powers contained within the City Council Constitution do hereby approve:

The annual Housing Strategy delivery plan for 2022/23.

The Reasons are:

The 2021/22 delivery plan will come to an end on 31st March 2022, and a further annual plan is required to ensure delivery of the Housing Strategy priorities.

Options considered and rejected were: No action.

Assessment of Risk:

Medium - The strategy identifies a number of key priorities and objectives with key delivery outcomes which will be monitored through the action plan. Risks in terms of the delivery of the priorities and objectives will be reviewed annually. It is recognised that there are a number of outcomes which if not delivered carry risks. Mitigating these risks will be a key part of the action plan monitoring.

The source of funding is: N/A

Legal Advice obtained:

Not applicable - Legal Advice will be sought on specific topics therein, as and when required. However, there are otherwise no direct legal implications.

Financial Advice obtained:

There are no direct implications resulting from the Housing Strategy delivery plan.

Delivery of the plan will either be within existing financial constraints or proposed additional spend will be assessed and reported on an individual basis as and when items from the action plan are planned/implemented

Procurement Advice obtained: N/A

HR Advice obtained: N/A

Climate Change Advice obtained:

Supplied by Michael Hemmingway - 793 3209

Greater Manchester strategic goals for carbon neutral new and existing homes in the future, remain a serious challenge for all partners and the likelihood of not achieving the targets seems high without significant government intervention. Those challenges are financial, as well as knowledge and skills based. Partners are working together to develop shared learning to help skill up officers and housing providers are exploring what can realistically be achieved within existing finances, as well as how to access wider funding streams as they become available. As can be seen from the report Registered Providers to continue to maintain/improve their existing homes, and to explore the potential for progressing towards carbon neutral homes, the actions related to this in the report have been expanded.   To help move this agenda a joint sub-group of the Climate Action Board and the Housing Partnership has been formed and is meeting regularly.

The following documents have been used to assist the decision process:

Salford’s housing strategy ‘Shaping Housing in Salford 2020’

Contact Officer:  Julie Craik                    

Telephone number: 0161 793 2143

(Please delete from the list below any which are not relevant.)


-       This decision is subject to consideration for briefing purposes by the Lead Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods. The Lead Member is supportive of the decision.

-       The appropriate scrutiny to call-in the decision is the Growth and Prosperity Scrutiny Panel     


Signed:   Paul Dennett                                                   Dated:      22.03.22                                                                  City Mayor


For Democratic Services use only


This decision was published on  22.03.22                                           

This decision will come in force at 4.00 p.m. on 29.03.22                                                   unless it is called-in in accordance with the Decision Making Process Rules.



Supporting documents: