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Salford City Council - Record of Decision (Cabinet)

I Paul Dennett, City Mayor, in exercise of the powers contained within the City Council Constitution do hereby approve the:

1.    establishment of the Greater Manchester (GM) Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) as a joint committee of the ICB and ten Greater Manchester local authorities;

2.    appointment the City Mayor as Salford City Council’s member and Deputy City Mayor (Lead Member for Adult Social Care) as Salford City Council’s substitute member of the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership;

3.    note the proposed Terms of Reference of the GM ICP.


The Reasons are:

·         An ICP is one of two statutory components of an Integrated Care System, alongside the Integrated Care Board (ICB). Section 26 Health and Care Act 2022 inserts s.116ZA into the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007.

1.    An integrated care board and each responsible local authority whose area coincides with or falls wholly or partly within the board’s area must establish a joint committee for the board’s area (an ‘integrated care partnership’)

2.    The integrated care partnership for an area is to consist of:

a.    one member appointed by the integrated care board

b.    one member appointed by each of the responsible local authorities

c.    any members appointed by the integrated care partnership

An integrated care partnership may determine its own procedure (including quorum)

·         ICPs have a statutory duty to create an integrated care strategy to address the assessed needs, such as health and care needs of the population within the ICB’s area, including determinants of health and wellbeing such as employment, environment, and housing.  In preparing the integrated care strategy each integrated care partnership must have regard to guidance issued by the Secretary of State.

o        Statutory guidance has now been issued by Government:

·         The legal duties of an ICP were set out in the full report presented to Cabinet on 25.10.22. in Appendix A.

·         The minimum core membership of the ICP will consist of 10 representatives from the 10 districts and a member of ICB.

·         Further guidance issued by Government confirms that the ICP will be subject to local government Health Scrutiny arrangements and that the CQC will review Integrated Care systems including the functioning of the system as a whole which will include the role of the ICP. It is proposed that the GM ICS is scrutinised by the GM Joint Health Scrutiny Committee and at place level, as appropriate.

·         A paper was circulated to local authorities and NHS Bodies on the role and potential makeup of the ICP earlier this year.

·         The paper was refined and the following issues on the form of the ICP have been further considered by the wider local authority and NHS system through a paper circulated to Place-Based Leads, NHS Provider Forum, NHS Primary Care Board and the ICB through their governance officers.

·         Responses to the paper were considered by a meeting of the Shadow ICP who have agreed the membership as set out below:

o   ICB Chair


o   10x LA representatives (political)

o   GMCA Mayor

o   At least one Healthwatch rep

o   One Director of Public Health (LA) as nominated by DPHs

o   One DASS (LA) as nominated by DASSs

o   One Director of Children’s Services (LA) as nominated by DCSs

o   One LA Chief Executive – Chief Executives health lead

o   GMCA Chief Executive

o   Two Provider Federation representatives: one mental health, one physical as nominated by PFB

o   Four Primary Care representatives, one from each discipline

o   Health Innovation Manchester representative

o   One Trade Union representative

o   Two VCS representative

o   One housing representative as nominated by GM Social Housing providers

o   One Work and Skills representative.

  • This would result in an ICP of 31 members if it is possible to have one representative from the housing sector and work and skills, with others invited as required e.g. GMP
  • The Salford City Mayor, as the GM portfolio lead for Health and Social Care, will chair the GM ICP jointly with the Chair of the GM Integrated Care Board (Richard Leese).   Legislation states that each Local Authority will have one member on the relevant ICP.  As such, it is proposed the City Mayor is also Salford City Council’s nominated member of the GM ICP.  The City Mayor’s role as joint chair ensures Salford is at the heart of Greater Manchester’s integrated health and care arrangements.  As the relevant portfolio holder at Cabinet, it’s proposed that the Deputy City Mayor / Lead Member for Adult Social Care is Salford City Council’s nominated substitute member of the GM ICP.


Options considered and rejected were: None.  The ICP is a statutory committee of the Integrated Care Board (ICB) and so a legal requirement.


Assessment of Risk: Low


The source of funding is: Not applicable.


Legal Advice obtained: Addressed in the body of the report presented at Cabinet on 25.10.22

Financial Advice obtained: Not applicable

Procurement Advice obtained: Not applicable.

HR Advice obtained: Not applicable.

Climate Change Advice obtained: Not applicable.

The following documents have been used to assist the decision process:

·         The Department of Health and Social Care: The guidance on the preparation of the integrated care strategies.

·         The Great Eight.

·         The Locality Plan.

Contact Officer:  Iolanda Puzio, City Solicitor and Monitoring Officer.

Telephone number:0161 793 3614

·         The appropriate scrutiny to call-in the decision is the Health and Social Care Scrutiny.         


Signed:     Paul Dennett                           Dated:       07.11.22                                               .

                        City Mayor


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This decision was published on 21.11.22                                    

This decision will come in force at 4.00 p.m. on 28.11.22                                                   unless it is called-in in accordance with the Decision Making Process Rules.


Supporting documents: