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In accordance with the constitution, the council publishes decisions taken by the City Mayor, Deputy City Mayors and Lead Members. Use the search options at the bottom of the page to find information regarding decisions taken at executive meetings after 24 January 2017.

Details of previous decisions are available as follows:

Officer decisions are not subject to call-in, however during the period of five working days from the publication of a decision taken by the City Mayor, Deputy City Mayors or a Lead Member, a request to 'call-in' a decision may be made by either:

Requests for call-in are only used in exceptional circumstances and if a decision is not called-in, it becomes effective at 4pm on the fifth working day following publication.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Publication Salford Local Plan: Development Management Policies and Designations ref: 60115/01/202024/01/2020Call-in expired
City of Salford (Roston Road, Salford) (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 2019-20. ref: 60014/01/202022/01/2020Call-in expired
City of Salford (Victoria Crescent, Eccles) (Prohibition of Waiting and Limited Waiting Parking Place) Order 2020. ref: 59914/01/202022/01/2020Call-in expired
Financial Appraisal for Arrow Street (Extra Care Strategy) - Paul Walsh - 15 minutes ref: 59708/01/202018/01/2020Call-in expired
Postural Stability Service - Gillian Mclaughlan - 15 minutes ref: 59608/01/202018/01/2020Call-in expired
Integrated Care: models proposed to continue transformation tests of change - Karen Proctor (Sarah Cannon) - 30 minutes ref: 59508/01/202018/01/2020Call-in expired
Extra Care Service Specification - Judd Skelton - 20 minutes ref: 59808/01/202018/01/2020Call-in expired
Request for Approval - Award of Contract - Supply of Liquid Fuels ref: 59309/01/202017/01/2020Call-in expired
Request for Approval - Award of Contract - Greater Manchester Archaeology Services ref: 59209/01/202017/01/2020Call-in expired
Insurance Policy & Cover Renewals ref: 59409/01/202017/01/2020Call-in expired
Council Tax - Calculation of Tax Base for Tax Setting Purposes 2020/21. ref: 58806/01/202014/01/2020Call-in expired
Council Tax - Collection Fund Estimated Fund Balance Calculation 31 March 2020. ref: 58906/01/202014/01/2020Call-in expired
Business Rates - Collection Fund Estimated Fund Balance Calculation 31 March 2020. ref: 59006/01/202014/01/2020Call-in expired
Sundry Debtor Write-Offs Quarter 3. ref: 59106/01/202014/01/2020Call-in expired
Precept Payments 2020/21. ref: 58706/01/202014/01/2020Call-in expired