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We the undersigned petition the council to The council needs to hire more agents to clean up and survey the stretch of walkway along the Pomona Docks, Install lighting that works, improve current benching areas and add more bins, fix fence barriers alongside the water, i am in the process of creating papers that outline and highlight issues along the Pomona Docks which i will be handing in to my local councillors in due course, they also express other views

If the council fail to clean up the area alongside Pomona Docks i.e the walkways and paths, the water etc, then the wildlife within this area will suffer as a result, there already is oil floating atop of the water which birds and there chicks have to swim in and nest in, there are tyres and refrigerators, bikes within the water and gunky slime,

the lighting that needs fixing is a matter of importance because this makes the walkway pitched black during the night which is a risk to the public and prevents any legal action against criminals if any unfortunate incident should occur along this route due to lack of evidence.

Surveillance should be installed also along this route to prevent and deter and fly tipping.

Started by: James Burns

This ePetition runs from 30/07/2019 to 30/10/2019.

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