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We the undersigned petition the council to build donation boxes on streets all around Salford, and collect the money regularly to distribute between food banks.

A fifth of our UK population is trapped in poverty, barely staying afloat amid a whirlpool of financial demands that rob them of their access to food. This can often be misconceived as homelessness, but on top of the thousands that live with no form of shelter to sleep under, the person you sit next to on the tram may be spending every penny they have on travel to work, with nothing left to provide their family at home with food. The classmate that you never speak to in the corner, who is starving but never complains may have nothing at all to eat except their free school meals.

But how can that be, when in 1976 the UK government ratified the right to food, set out by the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, meaning they must respect and protect the right, as well as fulfill and provide it directly when necessary. Furthermore, Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that an adequate standard of living includes access to food. Part of the problem is that we, people with warm houses, plenty of clothes and food in our bellies find it easier to turn away from the problem than to face it. While we relax in our cosy homes, 40% of working people are forced to choose between their electric bills and putting food on the table, because we cannot find enough energy and compassion to go out and donate food, or to donate money online. Food banks rely on this compassion and the generosity of others to prevent those in need from going hungry, and they need more help. They are struggling to obtain a sufficient amount of food for the amount of people who come to them for help.

My peers and I hope to help correct this problem. We have been volunteering with Salford Food Parcels, a local food bank who work hard to grow their own fruit and vegetables and provide struggling people with the food they and their families need to survive. We believe that donation boxes, placed on streets and in shops all over Salford, will make it easier to raise money for food banks like this that greatly need help. By putting them on streets, people need only give merely seconds of their time to drop in any change they may have, which though small, could make a huge difference to the many families stuck in the grip of poverty if we all, as a community, make use of these boxes. We hope that the council will help with our project and make it a reality, and we urge you to spread the word of Salford Food Parcels to anyone whom you know needs help. They are available every Wednesday at 9.30am-12pm at the LifeCentre, Langworthy Road, and will be grateful for any donations. Please sign this petition and help us provide starving families with the food that is their birth right.

Started by: Erica Bowers

This ePetition ran from 27/08/2020 to 27/09/2020 and has now finished.

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