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We the undersigned petition the council to Address the issue of traffic jumping red lights at each set of lights at the motorway roundabout at Peel Green, Eccles.

For over 12 months we have been taking children to school in the morning and at lunchtime taking our children in prams for a walk around Peel Green Cemetery.
To do this we have to cross the road and use the access point at the pelican crossing at Peel Green roundabout.
My wife has almost been run over in October due to traffic jumping red lights and the car crashed into a traffic light.
Today 07.03.23 i have been out with my 9 month old grandson in his pram to take a walk around the cemetery and used the pelican crossing to get across the road only to have a car jump red lights whilst the green man was sounding to cross the road and i had to pull the pram back to the kerb side.
We have put up with this life or death situation for too long now and are not prepared to put our children's lives at risk anymore.
The speed camera near Argosy drive is not effective as traffic put their foot down once they have passed this camera to reach peel green roundabout in record time and only 2 weeks ago a car lost control and has subsequently crashed into a house on the way to the roundabout.

Please, please look into this situation as we don't want any casualties as a result of overlooking this daily and dire situation.

Started by: gary jones

This ePetition runs from 16/03/2023 to 17/04/2023.

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