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Committee structure

Important Notice: Return to face to face meetings from 7th May 2021

The temporary regulations allowing councils to hold online meetings expired on 7 May 2021 and the Government now requires that we hold the publicly accessible council meetings so that members of the public can attend in person.

All these formal council meetings to the end of June will take place at Two New Bailey, New Bailey Street, Salford, as this is the most appropriate, suitably sized venue available to the city council, where meetings can take place in a COVID-secure way.

Your safety is our upmost priority and we have worked hard to make the public meetings COVID-19 secure so that everyone who attends does so as safely as possible.

To be able to do this we ask that all attendees read the Return to Face to Face Formal Council Meetings update and take all the actions required to meet the Government guidelines and try to keep everyone as safe as possible. The update also contains travel and parking information.

Here is the latest update on Covid Restrictionswhich came into force on 17 May 2021